Thursday, May 03, 2007

Melodie at Sarah's Wedding

Melodie was so excited on Monday........Wendy Cooleris asked her to travel down to Seattle with her and keep her company while they went to Sarah Duncan's wedding! Melodie was happy to go......road trip! Have to admit I would love to have gone!!! I was just tickled to have a member of our family there, we just love the Boyes family and Danielle thinks the world of Sarah so it was nice to know Mel could be there. They left Monday afternoon, stayed with Wendy's parents, George and Sharon Hara in Abbotsford and then headed to Seattle early the next morning.
Here's Mel with Tamara Boyes and Emma Duncan......... of course Vanessa was pretty choked, she would love to have gone but she still has rugby and school.
Mel with Wendy (Hara) Cooleris.......Wendy was so cute, she came by to thank us for letting Melodie go with her! She was just so glad to have the company, it sure makes the time go faster and helps you stay awake. Seattle is about a 6 hour drive from here.
The beautiful bride.....Sarah (Duncan) Kerner!......and below is Josh Duncan......another reason Vanessa would love to have

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