Monday, September 05, 2011

Young Love

Since this was one of my favourite pictures taken at Vanessa's wedding and I included it here in my blog, thought I would post the picture that I scrapped using it. I am really happy with it....journaling is so important on my pages even though it's hard I always try to make sure I do some!

Thursday, September 01, 2011



I offered to make Jaymie and Bryce's wedding invite and told her to just bring over a template that they would like to have. I was pretty happy with the one she brought! Definitely a lot easier to work on than Vanessa's! Three boxes I could do... spent about a day working on it. What made is even easier was saving it as a jpeg. each time and then quickly sending it to Jaymie, she kept sending me suggestions and then I would change it. The hardest was getting the pink she wanted, until she actually sent me a picture of the pink she was thinking of... I simply used my colour picker in PS and voila, the right pink. We had this done in a day, just by texting and emailing! Happy about that and I think they were both pretty happy with how it turned out, I know I was! The joy of technology...


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