Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heading to New Brunswick

I am writing this post in the Vancouver Airport as I head home to Moncton, New Brunswick. I am so excited to see my family but this will be such a tough weekend! My brother-in-law Steven Taylor died two days ago of a chest anerysm. He was only 49 years old, so it's just seems so unbelievable! My sister Josee is devastated, they had no time to prepare for this. I will try to take pictures this weekend and post them because I haven't seen my family in so long. My brother Ed and his son Eddie are coming from Toronto and my Mom and her husband Bruce are coming from Nova Scotia. My brother Billy and his wife Sheila live in Moncton and my brother Ted and his wife Page live in Moncton as well. It will be wonderful to be with family, I just wish it was for a more joyous occasion. The funeral is tomorrow at our church in Moncton and I imagine that a lot of Steven's family will be there. When I talked to Josee on Monday morning, she was so upset. She told me that she just wanted to hear him say "I love you" one last time and he couldn't. Apparently his organs started shutting down and then he died not 2 days after it happened on Saturday, Feb 19.
I think it makes all realize how fragile life is and how quickly it can end! Are we really prepared, do we know what our spouse wants? Do we have life insurance? Do we really appreciate each day with our family? I want to make a greater effort to keep in touch with my family especially because they live so far away. Because I don't see them every day, I need to be better at just picking up the phone once in awhile or writing letters more.
I am saying prayers for this weekend, that I can be a help in some way! I am so grateful that I am able to be there!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Don Makes Me Laugh

So I had to laugh the other day because Don came in with a new bag of chips. He's adventuresome my husband, always likes to try new cars, new restaurants and new food. Well, he was all happy because he had found a new flavour of chips....yogourt and green onion, he proudly showed me! "Wonder what it will taste like? " he said. Oh, the look on his face after his first chip........"Hey, this is sour cream and onion!!" He was thoroughly disgusted that he had been duped, especially because he is not a sour cream and onion fan although I am! We both laughed when it dawned on him, that those marketing guys are pretty smart, if they just call it by a new name,..people will buy it! So no more yogourt and green onion for him...I'm sure he will find something else but maybe he won't be so quick to buy it, lol.
Off to scrapbook, I want to start Melodie's mission book but it seems like such a daunting task! I need to take it one page at a time!


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