Tuesday, March 03, 2015


We had an exciting weekend in Langley with our Norkam Junior Boys who were able to play in the Provincial Basketball Tournament! Considering that we only went down with 8 players, 7 of whom could play, we were happy with how hard they worked! They didn't get a lot of rest time and we had a couple of hurt ankles although our boys played through them. We ended up playing 5 teams, 2 games on Wednesday and 1 every day after that and we won 2 and lost 3. But the team had a wonderful banquet, went to the Fun Castle in Abbotsford, swam in the hotel pool every day and pretty much ate all the fries that Red Robin would give them so they sure had fun! I'm especially grateful for their 3 coaches, Mantej, Bryan and George who have spent many hours practising and helping them with their game this year. It was a wonderful basketball season full of memories... Here are some highlights of the 5 games...the Langley Event Centre was fun to take pictures in!

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