Thursday, June 28, 2007

Jaime Wilson (England) Wedding

Danielle's best friend Jaime Wilson was married in the Seattle Temple on June 23........and we were so happy to be there. We went with the Wilsons to Hawaii and were able to be in the temple with Jaime in the Hawaii temple and now in Seattle. It was an emotional moment to watch this beautiful young woman, who we have known for 20 years, be married for time and all eternity! Pretty special to be there with Tim and Danielle, it brought back memories of Danielle's wedding and of my own! The Wilson and England Clans! The beautiful bride with her sister Kristina!
Jaime and Colin.....I think its harder on the fathers, giving up this cherished daughter to another man! We mothers always keep our daughters........
A couple of the imaginative Maranda Schwarz poses!!!

Danielle and Kristina with Jaime.
Tim and Danielle........
Thought you all might like to take a look at that jacket I wrestled with! I was so happy with it, it turned out better than I hoped! Not sure if I'll tackle it again but it has to be easier the second time! Don was very patient with pictures but there's a limit, lol.......
We stayed at the Garden Inn Hilton with Tim and Danielle while we were in Seattle. We also went out that afternoon with the wedding party to a Mexican restaurant called the Azteca, it was wonderful! Then we headed home and I'm just so thankful Don likes driving. Long but happy day!

Rebecca's Birthday

Well yesterday Rebecca turned 11!! It was a fun, crazy day.........she had a pool party in the afternoon for her Grade 5 class from Parkcrest with her teacher, Ms. Johnson and our lifeguard was Alaina Elke. Then she had her birthday party last night with just her friends! We had pizza, swimming and a movie, Bridge to Terabithia.
Here's her Grade 5 class from Parkcrest.
Here are Haley and Jyllian..........picking cherries!
Rebecca with her friend Kaili Hodacsek.
The whole birthday gang. This is Breann and Stacie.
I'm also including a couple of pictures I have from Monday. We had both Grade 2 classes from Parkcrest for pool parties.......Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Davis (Mitchell's class). They sure had a great time, nice to have them as they get older, they are much more confident in the pool at this age. Funny, everybody can't believe I have these class parties.........but they're pretty easy, when you have a lifeguard, teacher and parents, not too many kids get out of line! I know its building memories........lots of the kids come up to me and say, Mrs. Mathieson, I came to your pool last year! The teachers sure appreciate it as well........they just walk here from school. Thank goodness, we have beautiful sunny days!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sewing insanity..........

Well yesterday was one of those days where you're busy all day but feel like you get nothing done.....and for any of you sewers out there, I hate the word EASE.........what it really means is that they want you to fit a big piece material onto a smaller one and make it fit!!!!
So I'm on a sewing binge, hope it ends quick .........and I've been having fun doing skirts but decided I needed to expand my I went over to a friends' on Tuesday for a sewing marathon! Bonnie is an amazing sewer and so I asked her if she would help me with a dress for this upcoming Wilson wedding. So in one day, we picked out a pattern, material and all notions, cut it all out, cut out all the material and sewed the skirt, liner and lace, then started sewing the jacket together (I use the term " we " very loosely, lol.)
I then had to run home because the kids were home from school, I had to make a casserole in an hour and then had to be at school for Vanessa's award I just brought the jacket home and figured I could just finish it at home.
So yesterday, Wednesday when I was supposed to be home by myself happily sewing, I forgot Melodie would be home ( on the job lookout) and then Mitchell woke up hot and his tummy hurting which now meant I would have to come up with snacks and lunch and I would have 3 people in the house......(I'm so compassionate...)
That JACKET was craaaaazy, like one giant puzzle, just the directions were bizarre. At least at Bonnie's I didn't have to read directions, I just did what she told me too. So spent every spare minute in my craft dungeon (see below and remember this is taken at the time of creation not at the time of rested and cleaned!!) reading, figuring, ironing, sewing, serging, trying it on and not finishing it........but it actually started to look like a jacket.

Here's Mitchell looking very weak, white and sick (lol) and eating his pb/j sandwich and mushrooms (hey 4 food groups). I made him take a nap after lunch, that's the rule, if you're sick you nap.........went upstairs after an hour and found him building LEGO and quickly decided quiet playing was as good as a nap! He spend 4 HOURS up there building lego, basically about the same time I spend sewing but at least he had something to show for it......and here it is, his motorcycle. Maybe I should be legoing and not
So stay posted, maybe I'll show you when its done if it fits!!!

Our Athletic Vanessa!

Here's our cute Vanessa, we are very proud of her this year! At the athletic banquet on Tuesday she won the Junior Athletic Academic Award........which means because she played two sports (basketball and rugby) and kept her marks high, she won this award for the Grades 9/10! Pretty nifty..........she won this in Grade 8 as well, but missed Grade 9 because she only played basketball. So happy, happy girl!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Isobel Lake

So this is Mitchell's class on a field trip to Isobel Lake. Here he is with his best buddy Brayden Flodstrom. I almost didn't make it, still have lots to do, but Brayden's Mom, Shauna was driving down and asked if I wanted to go with I was glad I went.......don't think I've missed too many field trips and once you get out there, its just so nice to be out in the woods!

This is Mitchell with his wonderful teacher Mrs. Ann Davis. She has been such a sweetie and just loves Mitchell! What I am really impressed with is that Ann's husband George is a retired teacher (I've heard....) and so he is often in class with her helping, taking pictures, doing whatever needs to be done. He was on this trip helping Mitchell has been pretty lucky this year, two teachers for the price of one, lol..........

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mitchell's Birthday Party

We had a party for Mitchell the Friday we were home, on the 25th of May and of course he had a blast. You would think that after 5 kids I would have figured it out that less is better!! We had 12 little boys in our yard for 2 1/2 note to self........limit the party friends and parties should only last 2 hours!!! All I can say is that when it was over and I was complaining to our friend Jon Frazier that I was beat and just wanted to get in the pool and relax, he quickly came back with.......12, 8 year old boys in your pool........Kasandra, boys pee when they're excited, you want to just drain that pool not get into it!! So I had to laugh.......and didn't get in the pool, in that time I don't remember any of those little boys using the bathroom, lol!!
Water guns are always a hit!
We played water balloon toss....I'm still picking up broken, melted balloons on the lawn but they loved it!
Feeding 12 boys is not like feeding 12 girls!! Most of them are not fussy and eat everything in sight! We had hot dogs, chips, jello jigglers and cupcakes!
Mitchell loved all the presents, some of the parents sent money so he ended up with $60! He also was given a tamagochi and some new game boy lots of loot and a very happy kid!


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