Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rebecca's Birthday

Well yesterday Rebecca turned 11!! It was a fun, crazy day.........she had a pool party in the afternoon for her Grade 5 class from Parkcrest with her teacher, Ms. Johnson and our lifeguard was Alaina Elke. Then she had her birthday party last night with just her friends! We had pizza, swimming and a movie, Bridge to Terabithia.
Here's her Grade 5 class from Parkcrest.
Here are Haley and Jyllian..........picking cherries!
Rebecca with her friend Kaili Hodacsek.
The whole birthday gang. This is Breann and Stacie.
I'm also including a couple of pictures I have from Monday. We had both Grade 2 classes from Parkcrest for pool parties.......Mrs. Phelps and Mrs. Davis (Mitchell's class). They sure had a great time, nice to have them as they get older, they are much more confident in the pool at this age. Funny, everybody can't believe I have these class parties.........but they're pretty easy, when you have a lifeguard, teacher and parents, not too many kids get out of line! I know its building memories........lots of the kids come up to me and say, Mrs. Mathieson, I came to your pool last year! The teachers sure appreciate it as well........they just walk here from school. Thank goodness, we have beautiful sunny days!

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