Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Clay and Shirley's visit

We were so happy to have Clay and Shirley Boyes come through the Monday after the wedding..... ate lots of wedding leftovers and did lots of visiting.. we never change but the kids sure do!! Their 4, Nathan, Natalie, Olivia and Morgan are all so much bigger....... time sure passes. It was so fun to visit.... it always makes us grateful when people take the time to come visit, makes you feel important and connected!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mathieson Journal

Danielle's Wedding.....
Well as you can imagine it has been a hectic, wonderful week! Danielle was married to Timothy Chlifton Pederson on Thursday, August 10 in the Cardston, AB temple. It was beautiful and we were so happy to be there. They had a reception in High River, AB that night and met lots of Tim's family and then we had a reception on Saturday here in Kamloops. I was so worried about it and it ended up being such a joyous occasion! Danielle's bridesmaids were Melodie, Vanessa, Rebecca, Jaime Wilson and Denise Muraski.......and the groomsmen were Joseph Hirsche, Mark Thompson, Don Pederson and Mitchell Mathieson! Because of the different locations some of them couldn't always be there but we had fun with whoever was there. I was grateful to have Tim's parents take care of the reception in High River and we did the one here. I was also so thankful for all the wonderful people that stepped in to help from decorating, making the cake, helping me sew bridesmaids dresses, cooking tons of food, doing hair and making dozens of wedding favours.........sure don't realize how much work goes into it, so thank goodness for family and was a special, wonderful day!


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