JULY 18, 2012


Congratulations to Mike Lamb and Emma Dudley who will be getting married in the CARDSTON, ALBERTA, TEMPLE this Friday, July 20! We are so happy for them and their families. We have known the Lambs for years, in fact our kids pretty much grew up together! This is the invitation I made a few weeks ago and I was so happy with how it turned out. They used a template that I already had which made it easier. 

We are looking forward to their wedding reception here in Kamloops on July 28... it will be fun to see the whole Lamb family!


JUNE 16, 2012


I am hosting a baby shower for a new little Mom that I know! She has a darling baby boy that was born a couple of weeks early and so little Aidan wasn't even 5 pounds. When Vanessa and I went to visit with them it sure brought back memories! My Danielle and Melodie were that size and they were so darn tiny...I remember being scared to bring Danielle home, not sure that I would know what to do with her. The lucky thing about Kelsey is that her Mom, Coral lives a few streets away and that must be such a comfort. I know that Coral loves having her new little grandson close especially because her other daughter Lindsay and family moved away a few months ago. I would have been thrilled to have my Mom around but I lived in Lethbridge, AB and she lived in Moncton, NB!

So I made the invite tonight for the baby shower and found a super cute invite on Pinterest. I then used some baby stickers from Crystal Wilkerson for the design and I plan on handing them out tomorrow.


JUNE 15, 2012


I  was happy to be asked to do another wedding invitation for a lady I know in Kelowna, Debbie Card. Her daughter Allie was one of our happy kids on trek so lots of good memories there. This is a second marriage for Debbie, she is so happy and it shows in the pictures. We had some fun designing this and I learned a lot! Each one gets a little easier.... this is the final copy!

Stay posted for another Lamb one coming up!!!


MAY 28, 2012


Just realized that I've never posted Kevin and Melodie's wedding invitations! I think it's because I wanted people to get it in the mail first before they saw it on my blog! I had fun designing these but I learned that I will never print it off myself again. It was so much work, took so much ink and I wrecked quite a few of them! So I'm okay with the designing but no more printing! Plus I don't think I will add full colour to the middle again, as much as I like it, it really takes too much ink. The font here is Zapfino.


JANUARY 23, 2012


Just realized that I have never posted Scott and Vanessa's actual invite, just the draft copy! So here is the final copy that I did last spring. They were married on June 10 and it looks like I will be working on another invitation for Melodie for April! That will be my assignment this week as I do not have Seminary this week! So here is Vanessa's final copy...


NOVEMBER 16, 2011


Vanessa's cousin through marriage Kristen asked me to do her wedding invitations and so I've been working on them this week. Had lots of fun but I changed her template and added some embellishments, just waiting to hear which one she wants to use. I also changed the picture colours and made them all black and white using The Coffee Shop actions...these are "toasted coconut!"

Need to get to my Blending Class but just finished Seminary for the week so hoping I have a little more time! I was happy to use Jonathan Edis flourishes again and I discovered the sweetest Glowspots by Katie Pertiet that I added to these invites!

Let me know which ones you prefer.... I'll post which one she picks!


NOVEMBER 13, 2011


We were visiting with some of our good friends in Langley, the Engens a couple of weekends ago. They drove us to the airport on our way to Peru. At the time we found out their daughter Shayna had just got engaged that weekend and the wedding was in December. When I mentioned that I had made a wedding invitations, they asked if I would do theirs. I actually had lots of fun doing this! Designed the template, did the colours and put in the pictures early one morning when everyone was sleeping. These pictures are actually just prototypes that I sent to them, they ended up just using the hearts on their actual invites but they were fun to design. I also included several fonts on them so they could choose the ones they wanted.

The flourishes come from the son of some friends of mine, Jonathan Edis and they really are beautiful. I'm hoping to use them more! I am now on to another set because Vanessa happened to mention to a relative of hers that I make wedding invitations! I will post those when I get a chance to work on them!




I offered to make Jaymie and Bryce's wedding invite and told her to just bring over a template that they would like to have. I was pretty happy with the one she brought! Definitely a lot easier to work on than Vanessa's! Three boxes I could do... spent about a day working on it. What made is even easier was saving it as a jpeg. each time and then quickly sending it to Jaymie, she kept sending me suggestions and then I would change it. The hardest was getting the pink she wanted, until she actually sent me a picture of the pink she was thinking of... I simply used my colour picker in PS and voila, the right pink. We had this done in a day, just by texting and emailing! Happy about that and I think they were both pretty happy with how it turned out, I know I was! The joy of technology...

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