Friday, April 23, 2010

"Each Life That Touches Ours For Good"

We just got back from a funeral in Kelowna today. I found out yesterday morning that my friend Nadine's grandson, Jacob had passed away 7 days after he was born from the same genetic disease that his older sister had. I really felt like I needed to go down to support Nadine who has been such a good friend to me, I knew she must be hurting for her daughter Shauna and son-in-law Jordan. Luckily I was able to get hold of my friend Carole Wilson who suggested I drive down last night so that we wouldn't be so tired this morning. So that's what we did, drove down last night and what was even nicer was that Vanessa did the driving!! Rebecca wanted to come along as well so she could visit with Kristina Wilson and Michelle Edis. It was the most beautiful funeral, heartwrenching but oh so wonderful. Lots of speakers who touched on the faith and strength of the young couple going through this. It was a beautiful tribute.

Couldn't resist taking a picture of the Wilson's new house in Kelowna! They have lived here in Kelowna for years but then moved to White Rock last year for about 6 months but because of Colin's job were able to move back. So here is their new house which has a pool and a big outdoor deck which is perfect because Carole loves to entertain!

Carole and I who have been best buds for years now! She makes me laugh and is one of the kindest persons I know! She never wants anyone to feel left out...maybe that's why I love her so much. I also like to call her "tour guide Barbie" because she is this total vacation planning guru! She loves to get on her computer and find all kinds of deals for sweet vacations and then is forever telling me new finds that she discovers! She is one of the reasons we went to Hawaii and while there, not only went to the Polynesian Cultural Centre but went surfing with "Surfin Suzi"!

So glad I was able to get a picture of Nadine with her daughter Shauna. It must have been a rough day for them but they had such a loving spirit about them. The Edis family is such an example of love and courage. I worked with Nadine in Young Women for 4 years and she has such a calm, patient air about her. I was especially blessed to go on a trip to Europe with her and we had such fun. I keep hoping that one of her five boys will take a look at one of my girls but it hasn't happened yet!

Here's Rebecca with cute Michelle Edis! I just wish I could have had Kristina in the picture as well but she wasn't here. So glad Rebecca has fun, good girls that she likes to hang out with!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Everett Album

Heading home today, back to rugby, soccer, meetings, paperwork and cooking vegetables for my family since I understand they haven't ate too much of that since I've been gone, lol. In fact I had to really laugh last night because Vanessa said: "COME HOME AND DO YOUR JOB MOM!" When I explained to her that I was doing my joy here with Danielle, she said she would trade me in a minute, and I know she would. I'm sure she thinks babies are way more fun!! Isnt' that funny.

But here are my baby scrapbook pages that are the start of books to come...I'm using techniques that I learned in Jessica Sprague's digital scrapbook classes that I've been taking. I really like how she showed us how to make word art using quotes, I have a feeling I will be having fun with that!

Monday, April 19, 2010

A new Grandson!

I am posting some pictures of my new grandson, Everett Donald Chlifton Pederson who was born on March 27, almost 3 weeks early! He was 7 lb. 5 oz and was a happy addition to our family. In fact his aunts were ecstatic to hear he was here and Mitchell was just happy to have another boy in the family.

Here he is with Grandma! So grateful I get to spend some time with him here in Calgary while he is this little, my Mom lived so far away she was never able to see mine when they were little! I flew out on Saturday, April 10 and head back on Tuesday, April 20. It has been a moment in time!
Danielle is so happy to be a mother! She still can't believe he's here sometimes! She is nursing right now so is pretty tired because she doesn't get much more than a couple of hours of sleep at a time. He's so tiny it's like dressing a little doll ...I will miss him when I go back home to Kamloops. The worst part is knowing that when we see him again in a month for his blessing on May 23, he will be bigger and every time after that he will change sooo much.
Daddy's little monkey!

Tim sure loves his little boy and tries to spend time with him when he gets home from work! Here he is showing him off at their friend's Joe and Laurie's son's birthday party. We expect that Everett and Tolan will be best buds!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hearing from Mel

We were so happy to hear from Melodie yesterday! We finally received an email. Apparently her Pdays are on Thursday even though she couldn't write last week. She is working hard, already praying and bearing testimony in Spanish and was asked to give a talk on Sunday( in English which she was grateful for!) . She sounds excited and loves the 5 girls she is rooming with. Apparently four of them are staying in the States while her and her companion Sister Sessions are both going to Peru. She is taking lots of classes and is being teased because of her Canadian accent! I'm guessing she will lose that once she is actually speaking Spanish all the time!  We had to laugh because everyone was amazed at how little luggage she had! Don said she was bringing an orca suitcase and that she had too much stuff and I was sure that she would need at least those two! Grateful that she is receiving our letters thanks to  Because I am in Calgary right now visiting with Danielle, Don sent her email here to Danielle. She sounds so happy! Here is a picture we took on Dec. 31 when she first received her call to Lima, Peru!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Airport Memories

I just love Cathy Zielske's templates, the importance of pictures and journaling and then the embellishments. I just love the look so when I sat down to scrapbook a page about Melodie leaving I found a template that worked perfectly and I was so happy with the page. It was kind of therapeutic to do as well, because I was able to grieve a little while I worked. I plan on putting it into Mel's mission book when she gets home but for now... how grateful I am for a creative outlet that makes me so happy in the midst of my sadness!
I really was grateful for all the wonderful people who came to see Melodie off at the airport and so I wanted a reminder of that. This day was a long time coming, but now we can't believe she's gone...for 18 months to Lima, Peru!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Her very first TRY

Still missing Melodie today! Didn't have much time to think what with work, Rebecca's rugby game and our youth dance practice! But words that made me laugh today: "I'm kind of mad and proud all at the same time!" said Vanessa about her little sister Rebecca making her very first "try" in her very first rugby game as a Grade 8 player!


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