Monday, April 12, 2010

Airport Memories

I just love Cathy Zielske's templates, the importance of pictures and journaling and then the embellishments. I just love the look so when I sat down to scrapbook a page about Melodie leaving I found a template that worked perfectly and I was so happy with the page. It was kind of therapeutic to do as well, because I was able to grieve a little while I worked. I plan on putting it into Mel's mission book when she gets home but for now... how grateful I am for a creative outlet that makes me so happy in the midst of my sadness!
I really was grateful for all the wonderful people who came to see Melodie off at the airport and so I wanted a reminder of that. This day was a long time coming, but now we can't believe she's gone...for 18 months to Lima, Peru!

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