Monday, October 29, 2007

Babysitter Extraordinaire

I know Vanessa is looking pretty calm and relaxed here but she had some crazy happenings last week and all while she was babysitting! The first one took place a week ago Wednesday when she was babysitting for the Noble family. Their son Kent (who is 9) has diabetes and she noticed that the site for his pump had come off, he told her that happens sometimes but he couldn't put it back on himself. She phoned his parents on their cell phone but couldn't get through so then tried a few friends she knew with diabetes and they both said it was probably okay as long it wasn't too long. Kent's blood sugars are supposed to run around 5-7 and they sometimes go higher his mom told Vanessa.......absolutely call us if they get up to 18. So Vanessa played with the three kids (2boys and a girl) and then got them ready for bed. While putting Kent to bed she told him that maybe they should test his blood sugar levels........ they were 31.5... so she was definitely worried and when she asked Kent he said YES, that was bad!! She kept trying to reach his parents and couldn't..... so she called 911 and they said they would send an ambulance (she asked them to send it quietly, lol) right away. Then she called us and I drove over...... to be with the kids or to go with Kent. The paramedics were wonderful, they can't give insulin but they took Kent's vitals and talked to him and decided to wait for his parents..... Vanessa was doing fine when I got there, calm but worried how the Nobles would feel! They rushed home when they got the message and Diane gave Vanessa a great big hug and told her she did the exact right thing!!! My only regret is that I didn't get a picture....... isn't it awful, it was the first thing I thought of but then didn't because I thought it might be tacky. Next time I'll just do it.....
Sooooo........ two days later Vanessa is babysitting for us when we went to Seattle for a temple trip. She had her friend Theresa come over and was waiting for her friend Sophie while Mitchelll and his friend Brayden were playing downstairs. When the doorbell rang she answered it thinking it was Sophie....... in walks this little old drunk lady in her pajamas and bare feet, she hands Vanessa her purse, lays down on the couch and goes to sleep! So you guessed it....... Vanessa has to call 911 again!! The police came, took the old lady into their car, asked Vanessa if she wanted to press charges and she said No........ 5 minutes later (whoever is in the area responds) an ambulance shows up and the paramedics come to the door! Yes, one of them was the same one who had been at the Nobles...... Vanessa laughed when she saw her and said, "Yes, I'm having a bad week!"
We couldn't believe it when we came all my years of babysitting I have never had to call 911, I told Vanessa and here she had to twice in one week!!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful day.......well I cooked all day and the kids ate it all up in about 15 minutes! We also had Vanessa's friend's Theresa and Sophie over and our missionaries Elder Magnusson and Elder Seitz. The sister missionaries came over a little later and so did the Lamb family. We played soccer and had lots of pie!

The Big Arm Wrestling Championship!
Mitchell loves having older boys around to wrestle with, his sister just aren't as he is with Steven.


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