Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Baby Everett Album

Heading home today, back to rugby, soccer, meetings, paperwork and cooking vegetables for my family since I understand they haven't ate too much of that since I've been gone, lol. In fact I had to really laugh last night because Vanessa said: "COME HOME AND DO YOUR JOB MOM!" When I explained to her that I was doing my joy here with Danielle, she said she would trade me in a minute, and I know she would. I'm sure she thinks babies are way more fun!! Isnt' that funny.

But here are my baby scrapbook pages that are the start of books to come...I'm using techniques that I learned in Jessica Sprague's digital scrapbook classes that I've been taking. I really like how she showed us how to make word art using quotes, I have a feeling I will be having fun with that!

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