Friday, April 16, 2010

Hearing from Mel

We were so happy to hear from Melodie yesterday! We finally received an email. Apparently her Pdays are on Thursday even though she couldn't write last week. She is working hard, already praying and bearing testimony in Spanish and was asked to give a talk on Sunday( in English which she was grateful for!) . She sounds excited and loves the 5 girls she is rooming with. Apparently four of them are staying in the States while her and her companion Sister Sessions are both going to Peru. She is taking lots of classes and is being teased because of her Canadian accent! I'm guessing she will lose that once she is actually speaking Spanish all the time!  We had to laugh because everyone was amazed at how little luggage she had! Don said she was bringing an orca suitcase and that she had too much stuff and I was sure that she would need at least those two! Grateful that she is receiving our letters thanks to  Because I am in Calgary right now visiting with Danielle, Don sent her email here to Danielle. She sounds so happy! Here is a picture we took on Dec. 31 when she first received her call to Lima, Peru!

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