Starting to post some pictures of the very happy newlyweds! Here are Kevin and Melodie Smith at the Langley Temple right after the wedding. We had professional pictures taken but these are just the ones from my camera...many of them taken by my good friend Jenn Oviatt who showed up. We were so grateful for a beautiful sunny day and you can just see the happiness shining through.

This day was a long time in coming....Kevin and Melodie have a beautiful love story of friendship, patience and love in waiting!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith...

Married for time and all eternity in the Vancouver, BC Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints.

The Mathieson and James families....getting bigger with every marriage!

Melodie and siblings...Mitchell, Rebecca, Danielle and Vanessa!

The Mathieson family...and the Smiths!

Melodie and Kevin with parents....

Proud Papa...

The huge Smith clan...this reminds me of the huge Pierson clan last year!!!

Kevin and siblings...can you tell they have fun together! Steven, Angela, Leah, Trevor and Emily. Kevin is the youngest and last one married.

 The Smith family!

All the kids that were there...Everett is being persuaded by Zac! As you can imagine this was a hard picture to get...

More pictures to come, but I thought I better get started. I'm looking forward to scrapbooking the quiet weeks to come!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Well this last weekend I was so grateful for a cloudy sky! I had been praying that it wouldn't rain because I had been asked to take wedding pictures at the Vancouver Temple for my friends the Piersons and Kicias! It was my first wedding shoot and I really wanted it to be special. I know how disappointed I still am about the pictures I have from my own wedding and how poorly they turned out and I did not want that to happen on Saturday. I was thankful for Cory Roxanne Wilde who sent me a bunch of tips on what to do; I love her pictures. I was also grateful for the McCue's who took my Vanessa's wedding pictures, they had so many wonderful ideas.
I am still working on them, but I was thrilled with how so many of them turned out! It was fun once I got started and the wedding party was so patient while I took pictures for 2 hours. My Vanessa helped me and we watched the time like Cory told me too and I just kept shooting pictures. I spent 2 hours the day before  going through every photo shoot I liked and wrote down every pose I could think of because I knew I would forget the day of! Then I brought that sheet with me and had Vanessa remind me of anything I forgot, it was also good because the families came up with some fun poses as well.  In fact one of my favourite pictures Jaymie asked me to do and it turned out beautiful! Have to admit I struggled with the reception pictures because I still shoot in automatic mode and the lighting was so dim in the gym at that time that the pictures turned out really dark. Tried to get a few fun ones!
So here are some of my favourites:

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