Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some Books Should Not End

There are some books that you just wish wouldn't end...... and today I closed with sadness Shannon Hale's fifth book called "Book of a Thousand Days" not because it was sad but I just wanted to keep reading about Khan Tegus and the lady's maid Dashti! I just loved this book, almost more than her others! Well it's so hard to decide, have to admit though Tegus was such a wonderful man..... and Dashti so humble, heroic and fun. Shannon Hale shines in her witty, romantic can you write about years being held captive in a tower and keep it interesting and gripping but she does!!! Just can't wait until all my girls read it and we can talk about it, Vanessa shoddied it (reserved it!!!) as soon as she saw it in my excited hands bringing it home from the library.
I have been trying to find time to read it amongst a surprise birthday party we held for one of Vanessa's friends (22 teenagers here last night) and then I was asked to teach a Relief Society class today so couldn't read it until that was done. So supper was pretty simple tonight while I tried to cook and read at the same time, it was a little late!! I started it yesterday in the afternoon and finished it with a pang at 9:30 tonight.......
So now I am buying them all!!!! I usually look for books in the library first and then if I like them I buy them....... and since all my girls love these books they'll be keepers. In fact I might have to check their suitcases when they leave home, lol.....

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ugly Peach Carpeted Stairs Are Gone!

You are looking at the ugliest carpet there ever was and it has been sitting on my stairs for the 7 years we have lived here!! This week Don and I spent hours ripping it all off and it looks so much better I think!!! We did not know what we were getting into.........those stairs had at least a MILLION STAPLES and we tried to pull them all out. What is it with carpet they really think if they miss one square inch it might come off!!! We also have holes in our plaster walls and one stair has an ugly big hole from the central vac that I never use because it is such a pain!! So we're not done.........but oh what a difference!!!
Even got Sandra over for her opinion......I am hoping to grab her and get her to teach me how to finish them so they look fabulous, right now they still have paint spatters and are looking a little rough. So goal by July.....have stairs completely done!
I am also responding to a challenge in an email from my cousin Isabelle, its a 365 photo-a-day goal for 2008. Just take a picture every day of what is going on in your life, obviously I'm a little behind since its January 11 but want to at least try to get as many as I can! Its supposed to help you be a better photographer and help you see your life in a whole new way!

So today I'm still admiring my stairs!

Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year 2008

For New Year's Eve we headed over to the Fraziers......we were down to 2 kids again! Melodie was in Kelowna with a big party that going on at the Edis house and Vanessa went to a party held at Laura Cleasby's so we had just our little ones.
As you can see everyone had lots of fun...... lots of eating and talking. The kids lasted better than we did as usual, they were wide awake and running around at midnight. In fact they were quite happy to run out into the road with pots and pans yelling "Happy New Year" with the Dads following. We have done this before, kind of glad we were doing it on the Fraziers street though, lol.
A new year ahead always makes me wonder what it has in store for us. Where will we go, what will we learn?

Will Tim and Danielle be okay? Where will they move to when their apartment contract comes up in June? Will Tim find a work focus he is happy with? Willl Danielle still be working for Justin by the end of the year? Will we be able to see them for a little while this summer?

What will happen to Melodie when she heads to Vancouver for 6 months to complete her practicum for respiratory therapy? How will she manage when Kevin heads out on his mission? Will she be able to work for a few months when she is done or will she head out on her mission right away?

Will Vanessa be able to pass her N so we can have another driver? Will she be able to pass her piano exams? She'll be starting Grade 12 this year and will need to start thinking about where she wants to go next year. Will she be able to make her Grad dress like she wants to?

Rebecca will be going into her last year of elementary! Will she continue in piano or will we be able to start her in voice lessons like I want to? I know she will be so happy to enter the Young Women program in June when she turns 12! Mitchell will be starting Grade 4 this fall, how will he do in soccer and swimming? He will be in Primary by himself for the first time when Rebecca moves up. Will he be willing to continue in piano?

Are we going to be able to do any renovations on the house? Will we be able to at least put in a shower and redo the bathtub? Will we be able to plan even one get away? Will Don still be serving as Bishop by the end of the year? Will there be any changes in the ward or its boundaries? Don wants to be able to buy a truck and can we pay off his business loan by the end of the year?

Will I be able to find a part time job that I like? Will I be able to keep writing as consistently as I can? Will I still be serving as Stake YW Secretary for the rest of the year? Will I be able to try and fit at least one learning class this year? Will I start scrapbooking again, get some sewing projects done?

Lots of things to think about and do in 2008! Looking forward to what will happen in this new year!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Girls

Thought I would write at the start of a new year how grateful I am for my girls. I love being the mother of 4 daughters and as they get older they are now becoming my best friends! It still amazes me some days to think that I am the mother of 5 children, where did the time go! How can I have a daughter that is turning 21 tomorrow? Wasn't I 21 just yesterday?.....and how did I get so lucky getting the girls I did! They are the best part of my life! I am so often amazed at what they can accomplish and do. They are so much more confident then I ever was at that age.......

I miss my Danielle and know she misses us. I realized the real sisterly bond again this last week when Melodie went to Calgary for the weekend. She spent most of the weekend in the hospital with Danielle, who after gallbladder surgery had to go back in again because of a blood clot and then had to stay for 4 days! I was so proud of Mel who could have been out partying and shopping in Calgary but instead chose to stick with her sister and keep her company! I know it made such a difference for Danielle. She was pretty bored and lonesome since it was her first real time in the hospital and she was so happy to have Melodie with her. I hope and pray they will all stay close and realize how special that sisterly bond can be! I love you Danielle, Melodie, Vanessa and Rebecca!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christmas Reading

If there is one thing I desperately want to give my children it is the love of reading! Loving reading means you will never be lonely, bored or have nothing to do..........there will always be stories, cartoons, adventures and countries to visit in your imagination! During the holidays we have been trying to get in lots of reading time. Mitchell and Rebecca's favourite place to read is on our bed.....they think it is the comfiest in the house (probably is, but we are not spring chickens anymore, lol)We have been getting into Beverly Clearly's Ramona books... which I still love to read. My big girls take over for me sometimes! We actually saw a Klickatat street when we lived in Oregon! We have also started "Wanted-Mud Blossom" by Betsy Byars which is another fun book! We heard it on tape while driving and I just love the "Blossom" books........I also love to have them keep journals, we're not always as good as we should be so I'm grateful they write them in school as well. One thing we have tried to be faithful in doing is writing to our four missionaries (Andrew Lamb in Wales, Keenan Kicia in California, Lauren Razeau and Cory Jensen in San Salvador/West Belize mission) at least every month! Mitchell has drawn them some pretty cool pictures that we hear end up on their walls or refrigerators! It is such a fun family activity if we can all get together........I know our boys are so happy to get them!!We have discovered the most wonderful books during these holidays..........we have been reading all the books by Shannon Hale. I found a reference to the Goose Girl on one of the blogs I've been reading so decided to try it and absolutely loved the meantime before I could finish it Vanessa snagged it and finished it before I did! She raved about it to Melodie, who read it in about 3 days during her finals, she was reading it in one of her labs when a friend saw her and borrowed it to read it. So then Melodie checked the library and signed out 3 more, Enna Burning, River Secrets and The Princess Academy! We didn't see those two girls for about a week...........they read all of them, I had to fight to get my hands on one..........

You now know why my family had to help me cook New Year's Eve, I was READING "The Princess Academy" and hated to put it down........I understand this is a Granger family trait, which is why I really try to find skinny books.

Just hoping Danielle is not reading this because we bought her one of the books for Christmas (when she comes out middle of January).....I know she is going to go out and buy all the others! Just waiting to get our hands on the new one "Book of a Thousand Days"........


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