Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ugly Peach Carpeted Stairs Are Gone!

You are looking at the ugliest carpet there ever was and it has been sitting on my stairs for the 7 years we have lived here!! This week Don and I spent hours ripping it all off and it looks so much better I think!!! We did not know what we were getting into.........those stairs had at least a MILLION STAPLES and we tried to pull them all out. What is it with carpet they really think if they miss one square inch it might come off!!! We also have holes in our plaster walls and one stair has an ugly big hole from the central vac that I never use because it is such a pain!! So we're not done.........but oh what a difference!!!
Even got Sandra over for her opinion......I am hoping to grab her and get her to teach me how to finish them so they look fabulous, right now they still have paint spatters and are looking a little rough. So goal by July.....have stairs completely done!
I am also responding to a challenge in an email from my cousin Isabelle, its a 365 photo-a-day goal for 2008. Just take a picture every day of what is going on in your life, obviously I'm a little behind since its January 11 but want to at least try to get as many as I can! Its supposed to help you be a better photographer and help you see your life in a whole new way!

So today I'm still admiring my stairs!


Amy Sorensen said...

I'm admiring your stairs, too. I think they look great! I've had the pulling-staples-out-of-the-floor experience and it is NOT fun. I'm glad you got it all finished! Amy

Lucy said...

I lived with unfinished stairs for out five months. Sadly, you do get used to it:) But, wow...what an improvement from peach carpet. Way to go!


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