Saturday, January 05, 2008

My Girls

Thought I would write at the start of a new year how grateful I am for my girls. I love being the mother of 4 daughters and as they get older they are now becoming my best friends! It still amazes me some days to think that I am the mother of 5 children, where did the time go! How can I have a daughter that is turning 21 tomorrow? Wasn't I 21 just yesterday?.....and how did I get so lucky getting the girls I did! They are the best part of my life! I am so often amazed at what they can accomplish and do. They are so much more confident then I ever was at that age.......

I miss my Danielle and know she misses us. I realized the real sisterly bond again this last week when Melodie went to Calgary for the weekend. She spent most of the weekend in the hospital with Danielle, who after gallbladder surgery had to go back in again because of a blood clot and then had to stay for 4 days! I was so proud of Mel who could have been out partying and shopping in Calgary but instead chose to stick with her sister and keep her company! I know it made such a difference for Danielle. She was pretty bored and lonesome since it was her first real time in the hospital and she was so happy to have Melodie with her. I hope and pray they will all stay close and realize how special that sisterly bond can be! I love you Danielle, Melodie, Vanessa and Rebecca!

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Becky K said...

What a great post about your daughters. I envy your mother/daughter connection on both levels, in that I wish I had a daughter(s) to create that bond, and that I could strenghten mine with my mom.

They sound like wonderful girls!


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