Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grateful for Mayonnaise

Had fun redoing this old scrapbook page! I didn't like how I scrapped it and so decided to use my blending to see what I could do with it. Followed one of Jana Morton's lessons in Blending and Beyond and ended up pretty happy with this page, although don't know if I want to do this much work on a jar of mayonnaise again. It does remind me of how important journaling is though!

Happy day at home but I start Seminary again tomorrow so it will be a busy week especially because we have Melodie's Missionary open house this weekend!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Vanessa's cousin through marriage Kristen Pierson asked me to do her wedding invitations and so I've been working on them this week. Had lots of fun but I changed her template and added some embellishments, just waiting to hear which one she wants to use. I also changed the picture colours and made them all black and white using The Coffee Shop actions...these are "toasted coconut!"

Need to get to my Blending Class but just finished Seminary for the week so hoping I have a little more time! I was happy to use Jonathan Edis flourishes again and I discovered the sweetest Glowspots by Katie Pertiet that I added to these invites!

Let me know which ones you prefer.... I'll post which one she picks!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Thought I would include the two wedding pictures I made last month using Jana Morton's Blending and Beyond Class! This class is on now and can be found at Get It Scrapped.  I just love taking her class and learned so much from it. Seriously, these two pictures just made my heart happy! Realized that I am artist after all, but a digital one! Each lesson has a video which I find makes it so much easier to learn. I just watch them, pause them and try them myself in Photoshop! It's nice to be able to rewind or fast forward!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We were visiting with some of our good friends in Langley, the Engens a couple of weekends ago. They drove us to the airport on our way to Peru. At the time we found out their daughter Shayna had just got engaged that weekend and the wedding was in December. When I mentioned that I had made a wedding invitations, they asked if I would do theirs. I actually had lots of fun doing this! Designed the template, did the colours and put in the pictures early one morning when everyone was sleeping. These pictures are actually just prototypes that I sent to them, they ended up just using the hearts on their actual invites but they were fun to design.

The flourishes come from the son of some friends of mine, Jonathan Edis and they really are beautiful. I'm hoping to use them more! I am now on to another set because Vanessa happened to mention to a relative of hers that I make wedding invitations! I will post those when I get a chance to work on them!


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