Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Vanessa's cousin through marriage Kristen Pierson asked me to do her wedding invitations and so I've been working on them this week. Had lots of fun but I changed her template and added some embellishments, just waiting to hear which one she wants to use. I also changed the picture colours and made them all black and white using The Coffee Shop actions...these are "toasted coconut!"

Need to get to my Blending Class but just finished Seminary for the week so hoping I have a little more time! I was happy to use Jonathan Edis flourishes again and I discovered the sweetest Glowspots by Katie Pertiet that I added to these invites!

Let me know which ones you prefer.... I'll post which one she picks!


Darci said...

I like the top one best. Which one did she pick?

Kasandra Mathieson said...

She actually picked the bottom one but we changed the colour and took out the teal flowers! I'm looking forward to getting one in the mail and seeing how it looks!


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