Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sewing Again

Wow, I've let a month go by without writing! I just have to stop worrying about it so much and just write. I was kind of annoyed by a letter written by the editor of our Daily News today........he was writing about bloggers, came across that he feels most of us are pretty lame, the only real writers have taken some kind of journalism courses or are real writers! It was kind of condescending if you ask me.......
Writing is about what you want to put down into words about what you know and want to share with others. I admire anyone who takes the time to just write, doesn't mean it's always interesting to everyone but even if it's read by a few, even if its just family then it has served its purpose!

Here I have a picture of the dress I made for a girl I know who just had her first baby girl. Haven't sewed for awhile and had lots of fun with this dress, learned something new every time I do made me go back and look at some of the others I've done...... I'm so much happier with the ones I do now, can see how much I've learned but have so much more to go. It also brought back all those happy memories I have of sewing matching Daisy Kingdom dresses for my 3 cute little girls! I miss those days and really miss them when I pull out their Easter dresses, their cherry dresses with the matching hats and their swirly wedding dresses......... can't believe how many dresses I have made over the years, so happy to have had all my girls to sew for!

I'm excited to sew more, but this week I have been really trying to work on our business books again, another tough thing I have to tackle. Cute little baby dresses are way more fun...... looking forward to heading to Vancouver next weekend with Don for his CE courses, I am going to the fabric store Dressew and happily browse through all their lace and ribbon!!


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