Monday, May 14, 2007

Hawaii Update

Here we are checking out of the Aqua Island Colony in Waikiki . Kind of wonderful how some of the front desk of these hotels are outside and in the open air, only in Hawaii. Here I am with Don's sister Kathy James who we were so happy to have join us!

Trying to catch up on all that's happening..........sorry to all of you, still can't email but will try to blog! Friday after we picked up Danielle at the airport........we drove to Hanuama Bay where we heard you could snorkel and see wonderful fish! Well when we got there, we found out it was closed due to an outbreak of jellyfish, apparently it happens every month during the full moon. Before they figured it out, they would have lots of people getting stung, so we were disappointed but it was still beautiful to visit!
We had a wonderful map a friend gave to me and I noticed we were going right by a Costco, so I had Don stop and did some grocery shopping on the way back to our hotel, the big girls wanted to do some clothes shopping in Waikiki but we adults just had a quiet night watching the beautiful lights of the city from our balcony.

Saturday we checked out of our hotel and we then headed to Aloha Stadium in Pearl City where they have this amazing flea market........thousands of stalls with all kinds of deals. Problem was it was terribly hot and some members of my family aren't as keen on shopping as I am, so we were there a couple of hours and then everybody wanted to head out , we were going to stop and have to go grocery shopping again. (Kathy and I have decided we are the food gatherers and it gets annoying!) We then headed up to our condo on the north shore. We are staying at the Kulima Estates for the week and the drive was much quicker than we expected. Once you get out of Honolulu, the terrain and country are so much quieter and look more like you would expect the island to look like............there was so much to see, it was a wonderful drive. We are fascinated with how different the trees look, palm trees everywhere.......

So adding some pictures of our condo, if I can get them to upload.......I was so happy with it!!! Lots of room and in a beautiful area, its so nice and roomy compared to our hotel. It comes equipped with so much, sleeps eight with two bathrooms........all the dishes, utensils, supplies you need and it was so nice and light and bright!

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