Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dole Plantation

Started out Wednesday at the Dole many of us had sunburn that we decided we better have an inside beaches today! Honestly we have been slathering on the suntan lotion but the sun still gets to any bare patches.......Don's ankles, my shoulders, Rebecca's legs, Melodie's back........we're all trying to recover!
Had fun here, but ohhhh so touristy!! They definitely want you to spend your money and lots of it. They have a maze, garden tour and train ride and they all cost separately plus the gift shop has a ton of stuff.........they even have real pearls you can dive for inexpensively (Kathy got some beautiful ones) but the rings and settings they want to sell you are not cheap!!
We learned how to look for a good pineapple and how to cut it up, so that was fun and there were lots of pineapple fun but maybe only once!
Tim and Danielle.......who, bless their hearts are letting me use their camera on this trip! Win-win situation I think, I am totally happy and Danielle is happy because I take way more pictures than she Will just have to send them all these........cute, happy couple ones!!!

Had to include this one of Vanessa doing homework.........I took this picture for Ryan!!.(Kathy's son and Don's nephew) he would know its not all fun and games, Vanessa has been doing her French homework every day.......we found out the Wilsons are having their kids do an hour of homework a day ( the kids told us not to listen to them), but we perked up our ears and thought it was a great idea!! Anyway, we have the little ones writing in their journals every day and I blog, which is journal writing! So Ryan we're thinking of you slaving away while we are sunning ourselves on the beach.........we'll try to send you pictures of our tans (well hopefully when all the red turns brown)

So we started the Dole Plantation doing the world's largest maze..... it was so hot though, we couldn't do it long! Tim and Danielle were the gurus........they did it pretty dang quick, but then they are the game experts in our family, I have no idea how many games they have but apparently they brought a bag with them strictly for games, so no surprise they were the first ones done. Should have taken a picture of them sitting cooly on the benches waiting for us hot, sticky ones.......but of course didn't.

In the maze you had to find 6 secret boxes and mark the boxes when you did, we found four, some of us found two and of course some found 6 in record time..........quite the maze!!
Don was our expert finder.......but of course he's the one with the sense of direction.....and he figured out it was faster to be looking through all the bushes while you are running around....we stuck with him!
Had to get in the pineapple maze sign.............

Kathy and the girls.......they love traveling with her, but Kathy is the ultimate shopper so what teenage girl wouldn't love to hang out with a cool Aunt like that!
Tim enjoying himself I think!! also got himself a dose of pumpkin pie!
Vanessa and Rebecca on the hunt for secret boxes!

So wondering how a pineapple grows.....I thought they grew on trees, but no just like a cauliflower they just grow on plants like this one, kind of fun to see them for real!
Whipped cone fun!! Thank goodness for coupons because these were $4 a shot...........wonderful cool pineapple taste though in hot weather!
Don took Mitchell and Rebecca on the train ride and they had fun.......the rest of us wandered around the gift shop and tried not to spend toooo much!!!

Kristina Wilson's birthday, she turned 11, so she is just a few months older than Rebecca. So happy Rebecca has this little friend she can hang out with. Brady who is almost 14 has been such a good friend to Mitchell, he takes care of him and lets him hang out with him........of course Mitchell is thrilled to have an older boy show him the ropes!

What's kind of fun here at Kuilama is they have 3 different pools that you can just swim in, they're pretty warm and everybody had fun getting in last night.......hopefully helping the sunburns!

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hobo said...

Looks great, I love to see what's happening! I feel for Vanessa, it's easy to complain about homework here but I might have more to complain about if I had homework to do on vacation.

No surfing yet? I understand if there won't be any, it's expensive and scary for "girlie men and girlie girls"

Keep the pictures coming, I love seeing them!! Say hit to my Mom for me.

Love you all



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