Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flippin' Egg Skills

Once you start blogging, it opens a whole new world of picture taking possibilities........ I couldn't resist taking one of Mitchell, "the egg man"!! Mitchell never used to like eggs but all of a sudden he started to and so he was watching Rebecca one day cook her own egg and wanted to make his own! So since he doesn't like "juicy yolks" the cracking isn't hard because it doesn't matter if the yolk breaks.....the toughest part is flipping it. You have to wait until its cooked enough to get around all the edges, get the spatula right under it and presto, flip it! Takes real skill to flip an egg and Mitchell has it now! So I'm saving tons of money on cereal because the kids now eat eggs on toast just about every morning! Plus I know now that when he serves a mission he'll at least know how to cook an egg and so won't

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