Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hawaii Temple

We visited the Hawaii Temple yesterday! It was sooooo beautiful, it has this long corridor driving up to it with palm trees on both sides all the way down, has to be one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. We came with the Wilsons, their daughter Jaime was coming for the first time.
Tim took some beautiful pictures (glad he did, I've been kind of hogging the camera......ooops......). There were beautiful trees, flowers and fountains. The landscaping was incredible.
I think this was Tim and Danielle's second time so we were happy to have them with us! So fun to have my daughter with me....... they were married in the Cardston temple, the Hawaii temple had the same designer so the design is quite similar.
Don and I so happy to be here.........makes it special to have time to visit the temple while on vacation. Its always nice to see what makes them the same and different.Kathy with the long corridor behind her. Most family we've had with us for awhile. We are hoping to come back on Sunday with the kids, go through the Visitors Centre and take lots of pictures then too.
Mel and Vanessa posing in front of the surf......great beach called Hukilau, just on the other side of the temple entrance. We went out here in the afternoon and enjoyed the beach. I sat and read, Don and the kids loved the surf.........they could have been here all day.Loved this picture, also took a small video, will have to figure out how to put it on here. We actually came to this beach because we were dropping Vanessa off later at the temple. She was invited to go on a youth temple trip with the ward that we went to church on she was excited. They had a dinner beforehand and then did baptisms.......she said it was lots of fun! I gave her a hard time because she forgot to take pictures..........poor kid, but sooo glad she had this experience even though we missed her in our big Yahtzee game!


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