Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Waimea Bay Beach Park

Charlie's Angels or what!! Here are the girls with their Excel Rash Guards! Colin told us about these shirts and how wonderful they are in the sun, they have UV we all got one, some of us just from the local store here and they are sooo comfortable. Of course some of us certainly have the advantage in showing them off!!!!!
Rebecca and Kristina having a blast whether on the beach or up in a tree....they keep each other busy!
Here are Carole and I........we asked Don to make it a head shot but he must not have heard us, now when I scrapbook I'll have to do some cropping, lol........not only that but the salt water is awful on hair so I go around with dreadful hair, thank goodness for hats..........I just want to know how come the girls can go around with beautiful salty hair and mine looks like this........
Carole is the travel agent extraordinaire, she's so funny, always phoning about something exciting she has found great deals on surfing lessons.......have to admit we wouldn't have done it without her...........THANKS CAROLE!!!
Rebecca and Mitchell....looking pretty cute in their rash guards.........they're the ones that we have to super watch, they'll play in the sun for hours. Here we are in Haileva..........famous for their shaved ice. It was really a super snow cone I hear, but a ton of flavours and we definitely should have shared a large and didn't!
Don and I.........notice the funky hat that I bought from the Aloha market for $5, kind of a Jane Austen looking one.......(the girls probably won't be seen with me) but it has been saving my head, well more like hiding my hair but whatever........we are having a fabulous time!

Danielle and Jaime the beach babes.......funny they still have lots to talk about, so glad Danielle has a wonderful friend in Jaime!! They've been so there for each other........
As you can see Mitchell takes after his Dad and is a total beach bum.........happiest when playing in the sand or exploring the beach for crabs.
The soon-to-be newlyweds, Luke and Jaime are getting married next month. We are going through the temple with them this week............yes, Luke is about 6'8" and all I can say is that considering the cost of groceries here in Hawaii, thank goodness Colin and Carole have to feed him.

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