Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!

Happy Mother's Day Mom..........I've been thinking of you all day and hoping you have been having a wonderful day and that you've heard from some of the kids! Mom I was hoping to send you an email message but since we've been in Hawaii, I haven't been able to access my email, its very frustrating but I'm hoping my blog will get through and that you'll be able to read this.

Sure love you Mom and appreciate all the love and concern you have given us through the years! You've always been our rock and the foundation of our family. I'm grateful that we are only a phone call away even though we have the country between us. I'm also thankful for your listening has been such a relief to be able to phone you in times of trouble or when I am feeling blue. It was your parcels that made our Christmas for many years when we were poor starving students in school.

I remember all the moves we've made through the years and through all the upheaval you made sure we were loved and grounded. On the farm you kept us all together even when you were sending us off to school, working and trying to plant gardens and take care of animals! I am still amazed at how you had 5 children and no washing machines.........walking down Mountain Road with our carts full of laundry every week! You listened, you understood and you loved.......

Just hope that I can be the kind of Mom you were to me Mom!!!!!! With all my love from the bottom of my heart..........


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