Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sunday in Hawaii

On Sunday in Hawaii we attended 7th Ward in Laie for church. I'm sure grateful that my two little ones are brave, they go right to into Primary and even though they don't know anyone they still go in and have fun. Mitchell was a little worried about finding me, but when I looked in on him, there were 3 little boys already visiting him! Rebecca and Vanessa were thrilled at the leis they received because they were visitors.
After church we went and had family pictures taken in front of the temple.
The Wilsons....Colin, Carole, Jaime (Luke, Jaime's fiance), Scott, Brady, Kristina and Mitchell and Helen, Carole's parents
The Mathiesons and Wilsons
Danielle and Tim Pederson

More family pictures.........

Below are the kids singing me a Mother's Day song, they found the words they wanted on the computer! Pretty special moment, I don't get them all together very often anymore.

We celebrated Mitchell's birthday that night since he was turning 8 the next day. We had the Wilsons over for cake and the birthday bumps..........our little boy is now 8!!!!

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