Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Images of Hawaii

Just thought I would post some pictures I have been taking while I'm here. Luckily I have been able to use Tim and Danielle's camera which is very similar tomine, but not enough to have the battery charger be the same.....arghhhhh............then again, I still even forget theirs!!! Yesterday I forgot to bring it with me when we went snorkeling in Shark's Cove and so resorted to Melodie's. Last night I discovered she didn't bring her USB cord so I couldn't download those on to the computer so yesterday's pictures will have to wait until I get home!
Here are some just random ones.........

Here are Don and Rebecca with Honolulu in the background, huge city with so many high hotels!
Beautiful Vanessa in a park on the beach in Waikiki........she's already bought the cutest outfit!

Don and Tim......male bonding, they both loved snorkeling and are total beach bums.

Couldn't resist taking pictues of this tree.......they have them all over, they are enormous and look as the all the roots are above ground. Amazing to look at and huge, fun for picture taking.

We're off to the beaches again today, not sure if some of the crew will be taking surfing lessons, will keep you posted! Soooo happy to be here, but missing people at home. Funny but you keep thinking, wish they were here, or she would so love this..........
We are also keeping up with our scripture reading and praying as a family, Don is our leader in this, I'm grateful for his diligence!


hobo said...

Keep the pictures coming, I would like to see some surfing and of course wipe outs!! Most importantly are the wipe outs!!!

Love ya, Ryan

hobo said...

I would send pictures of me doing homework but I don't want to ruin your trip, hope, (I know) your having fun!!



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