Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pool Up

We had such a beautiful sunny Saturday!!!.......and best of all we were all home, well most of the time. Rebecca had a birthday party to go to and Melodie went to work for a few hours but other than that we were all home and we opened the pool!!! It was lots of work as Don can attest to! We have to skim off all the leaves and then pump all the water off. Then we have to take off all the water bags and boards holding the cover down and then pull the whole cover off, most years this is a huge task that takes all 6 or 7 of us because there is usually still water on it and it is so big and cumbersome and we don't want any of it in the pool beneath.......but this year the new cover was so light and had so little water that that part took about 5 minutes, couldn't believe it!
It was so wonderful to be out soaking up the sun! I am so happy to see the blue pool out of my kitchen window, it is usually grey for 6 months of the year so I sure like to see it blue.
Mitchell as you can see is pretty anxious to try it out but it still needs work, chemicals, cleaning, etc.........and its a touch cold, not that that would stop him.

1 comment:

Emily said...

That must be sooo fun!! Hey, would you like some company this summer? ;)


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