Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Easter Pictures

Thought I would include some Easter pictures even though it was a few weeks ago....... well truthfully its because I am on my laptop and I haven't updated the pictures on here yet, lol. I'm happy today, got my mouse set up on my notebook computer and it makes it soooooo much easier.......I know, I know, doesn't take much to keep me happy, but seriously you don't realize what a difference it makes.
Here we are colouring eggs on Easter Monday...... I sometimes get too busy to think about it before and yet the kids like doing it so much. Maybe I'll have to make it a tradition to do it Easter day, seems like we're more relaxed and have more time.

Keep trying to remember to get pictures of me......but I'm usually behind the camera so here's one with my cutie Vanessa!

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