Friday, April 20, 2007

Sarah Duncan's Bridal Shower

Vanessa and I went to Sarah Duncan's bridal shower on Wednesday night and had fun. Sarah's sister's Emma and Tamara were asking her questions about Vale and if she answered any wrong she had to chew a piece of gum.......but some of them were pretty tough, I don't think I could have answered some about Don and we've been married for 20 some years! So Sarah was chewing quite the wad after awhile. As you can see we had a real cowboy wedding theme.....Sarah's marrying into a cowboy family!

Sarah's little sister Leah was so cute! She was right in there helping big sister open all her presents. So Sarah looked pretty cute in the bonnet her sisters made from all the bows. I am including pictures because I know Danielle was so disappointed she couldn't be there.........we missed her too...........

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