Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Letter Fairy

Well, Melodie may not get many visits from the clean fairy, but the letter fairy sure visits her! Here she is with a letter from Elder Joel Carter and Elder Trevor Smith........ she is really good about writing letters to missionaries, of course they're on fun papers with all kinds of sticky sweet stickers......but they must like them because they keep writing back! (Funny how she has time to write letters but not clean rooms...... maybe if her room was as cute as these boys!!! She's going to kill me.......)
The only letters I get are the ones that say, this money is due!! But then again, I don't write many either......... email is so my thing!
Shouldn't complain tooooo much, we do have a parcel fairy named Aunt Kathy James who we hear from regularly, so I'm off to the post office to see what she has sent!

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