Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rebecca's Swim Meet

Rebecca has been swimming once a week getting ready for the district school swim meet, she had to be in the pool by 7 in the morning on Tuesdays, luckily Don was willing to drive her! That little bit of preparation helped though because she won the heat she was in and Parkcrest came in third for the relay team she was on. I was asked to help time the heats by one of the parents, Patti experience for me. I went and watched her last year, they must have 300-400 kids there all swimming, so this year was a little more challenging trying to keep up with them. We had to record names and times....... and try to do a little encouraging when their paddling was taking them quite a while to get to the edge! They ranged in age from 9-12, quite a diffence in size and ability in every age. Some were almost competitive swimmers and some were barely able to make it across.
To be biggest advice was please tell the girls they would shave seconds off their time by wearing a one piece bathing suit and by at least putting their hair in a ponytail if they won't do the cap......some of those girls were having to adjust bikinis and couldn't see where they were going. Oh well........I think they all had lots of fun.........getting out of school is always the big treat!

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