Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another First Day of School!! Two down, three to go!!

Can't believe the summer is gone but have sure loved it. For the first time I really enjoyed the long unstructured days, the not having to drive anywhere, the free afternoons that we could just hop in the pool! No weddings, no big trips, just hanging around the house having barbecues and trying to keep up with the lawns. I wasn't really looking forward to school for the first time in a long time....... but yesterday it was exciting again. The girls spent ages getting the right clothes, Mitchell threw on his pants and shirt just before he headed out the door ( I had to brush his hair as we were walking up the school sidewalk because he forgot!) Vanessa is starting Grade 12 and so excited to be a grad! She was still pretty tired since she just got back from the Vancouver (working at the PNE for 17 days for the Sunglass Market) at 5:00 that morning but she slept a bit and then was ready to go. Rebecca and Mitchell were constantly speculating what teacher they would get!
Then walking into Parkcrest, seeing all the excited faces, slicked back hair, shiny floors and the nervous little ones...... made me nostalgic for my first day back to school! I remember my brand new sneakers on the floor by my bed, not being able to sleep the night before and the butterflies in my stomach as I woke up and knew I was a year older and a Grade was such a wonderful feeling!
So HAPPY FIRST DAY............ Vanessa, Rebecca and Mitchell!

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