Sunday, September 07, 2008

Camping in July

Thought I would mention how much fun we had in July camping in Kelowna compared to our experience in Vancouver. We almost didn't make the July one because on our way, 15 minutes driving on the Coquihalla our transmission went out and we weren't going anywhere! We had to get a tow truck and get it back to Jay (our super mechanic) who said it definitely needed a new transmission. Mitchell had an appointment with the ophthalmologist the next morning which is why we were going to Kelowna. We thought we would make it into a camping that was the start but how could we go back home, Mitchell had given me a big hug the day before because he was sooo excited to be going camping!! So Don got a ride home where he picked up the truck, while we unloaded the completely full van (never mind that we were down 3 kids!!). We didn't get into Kelowna until that afternoon........... so no campsites anywhere, waiting lists 3 days long, I couldn't believe can't camp spontaneously here unless you reserve it the year before????
We managed to find a little open campground in Westbank that we decided to just try! It did have bathrooms, showers and we could tent so we ended up having a pretty good time there. We had a campfire with smores, made foil dinners, played bocce and cards and read Beverly Cleary books together (Wanted Mud Blossom). I loved watching Mitchell who was just thrilled to help his Dad build the fire and discuss the merits of teepee vs. cabin campfire starts! They were just happy chopping away at kindling.....

Kind of awful to admit but this is the first time my kids have ate cereal out of those little boxes!! We had to cut them open and show them how to put milk in ....... it was so funny, they were so enthused. I know, I'm a little frugal in the grocery department.......poor deprived kids!

Sloppy joes with VEGETABLES! It's a woman thing, food groups! Still tease Don because when he went to Scout Winter camp, he didn't want "no stinkin vegetables" just something you could hold in your hands and eat standing up around the fire!!

Don's boat! The kids loved it, even though it was a little tipsy in all those waves......

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