Friday, September 05, 2008

Camping in Vancouver and Science World

Well we wanted to camp in Vancouver so we could be close to Vanessa.... (who was working at the PNE) so we found this cool campground close by, problem was it was really more geared to RV's! So here we are with our trusty tent surrounded by huge RV's and it was kind of funny until it started raining and then poured all day Sunday! Don was starting to look at our neighbours in a "I want an RV!!!" kind of way and I knew I needed to get him out of there!How lovely......great big huge slugs everywhere, reminded us of Oregon!I was especially happy to bring the kids to Scienceworld! I went a few years ago with Melodie's high school class for Physics Olympics and found it soooo amazing, I've always wanted to bring the kids back. So we spent all day Saturday exploring, watching and being really was lots of fun.
There were so many exhibits and hands on things to do. One section had all kinds of info on animals with a beaver dam to explore and a live hive with honeybees.

We found this tiny box that you were supposed to try and squish into, Mitchell and Rebecca both tried to fit.......needless to say Don and I decided to skip it!!
And of course a visit to the PNE where Don and the kids rode the tornado! I was happy to stay on the ground and take pictures. We actually saw some pretty fun shows and were very excited to finally see Vanessa who was working at the Sunglass Market in the Market Place!

It was her 17th birthday on August 25th so we joined her for breakfast (the Lambs made her a cake!) and then took her out for supper for Greek food! She was very happy to be eating something besides cup of soup!!!

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