Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rebecca and Katie's Cookies

Thought I would mention how amazed I am with kids sometimes and their imaginations! Rebecca had her friend Katie Uhrig over a couple of weeks ago (the 3 Uhrig girls are usually only over for the summer and Rebecca loves to get together with them..... their grandmother Joan is the sweetest lady you'll ever meet). So they decided they would make cookies..........they scoured the cookbooks and decided they wanted to tackle sugar cookies (now me I pretty much do oatmeal chocolate chip and if I'm really ambitious peanut butter cookies except for Christmas when I get a little fancier but that's it the rest of the cookie repertoire, 2 kinds!!). They they hunted all through the cupboards til they found every cookie cutter I had, most of which I've never used (sad I know) and then spent time planning which ones to use. Then the batter had to be a cool colour, teal blue it is.........chilled the dough, rolled the dough, cut out the dough, cooked the dough, makes me tired thinking of it!!!
Honestly they happily spent almost 3 hours making these marvelous cookies that I would never attempt in a million years......... and they tasted wonderful!! Not only that, when Joan came to pick up Katie she had a mouth watering apple pie in her hands, how cool is that! So it was a bonus day, teal blue sugar cookies and apple pie!
Yeah girls.........

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