Monday, September 08, 2008

Sarah Kerner's Baby Shower

Sarah Kerner had her baby this summer. She looked so uncomfortable by the end, it brought back memories! Since she is one of Danielle's best friends, I couldn't resist posting some of the pictures, I know Danielle will love to see them...... Sarah had a 9lb 12oz baby boy, they called him Dax! Here is Melodie holding him as soon as she could! In fact my girls were all pretty happy to be there because there were several babies to pass around.
Isn't this the cutest cake! Some one has an imagination.......
I loved this picture of mother and aunt!! Little Leah helped her big sister, Sarah open her bridal shower gifts a couple of years ago and here she is helping with the baby presents!
Even Rebecca found the cutest little fellow around, (besides Dax) this is Tyler Quinton!
We were up in Aberdeen in Carol Jensen's backyard. It was a beautiful summer evening and it was fun to bring all three girls with me, we sure missed Danielle!

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Danielle said...

I really wish I'd been there!! Thanks for the pictures!! I hate missing things... but that's kinda the way it has to be right now!! Miss you all so much! Love you Mom


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