Thursday, September 11, 2008

Vanessa at Grad last spring

Realized that I hadn't posted these pictures from last spring! Vanessa was asked to go to Brocklehurst Grad with a friend of hers, David Armstrong. Of course she was thrilled to go, especially since it meant dress shopping! We found a beautiful dress, it had to be classy but not too pouffy because she was an escort not actually one of the grads.......(lol, I know "grad etiquette") and its not like you can use a dress you already have in your closet!!!

Here are Alyssa Lamb, Tamara Boyes and Vanessa who were all escorts to the Brock grads (Eric, Shelby and David) and they are all best friends so they had a blast that night. I think the boys were feeling pretty lucky, or they should have been!! lol
Almost all of these kids are members of our church which is a pretty big group! It made Grad fun because they had a great time hanging out together without having to go to any drinking parties. I hope Vanessa has just as much fun at her own Grad this year!! I think she's going to make her own dress!

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Becky K said...

Hi Kas. I caught up on your blog a little - it had been forever! What beautiful kids you have. And I loved the camping pictures.


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