Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Musing on the news

I have to admit I am a news junkie..... I love to read the newspaper and it can be any paper, I'm not fussy. I not only deliver the Kamloops Daily News here in town every morning but can often be found reading it while I am walking. There is just so much to be discovered in the paper! Whether you are looking for recipes, crosswords, sports news, how to redecorate your house, what happened in the accident down the street, there is always something interesting in the paper!!
So I came up to bed and was supposed to be working on my picture storybook ( I have 23 pages almost done of our trip to Hawaii, yeah!!) but got sidetracked by the news!! and on the computer its fun too. I love to read about what is happening in other countries and how are they doing.
I have been reading glimpses of the story of courageous Ingrid Betancourt who survived years of captivity in the jungles of Columbia. She is an amazing woman and has been talking about how her faith got her through.......(she lost years of her children's lives!) I just can't imagine it, people really are so remarkable resilient and strong. So its these stories of faith and courage that get me through all the rest of the bad, the evil, the stupid that can be found in so many of the other stories.
But I better get sleeping, the news comes early in the morning!!

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