Monday, March 05, 2012


Decided I better get my February Roundup done before it gets too late into March. It's always fun to go through the month of pictures and realize that a lot more happened than I thought. This idea comes from Katie Nelson's Roundup but at this point I just do my pictures! I'm also hoping to scrap them into my monthly template but that will be next! Right now I'm still working on Melodie's wedding invitations which are going out this week!

So here is our Mathieson February 2012 in pictures:
My food budget has started to sky rocket, I wonder why!!!
Mitchell's creation, ice cream sandwich with home made cookies!

My favourite picture of the month because considering the hundreds of pictures I take of my kids playing sports it's pretty sweet to finally get one that you really love. Mitchell dunking the ball in the first five minutes of one of his first play off games!
Mitchell's Brocklehurst Grade 7 basketball team...hoping that they win cities !
Scott surprising us with a new hair do...thank goodness it only lasted a day!

Nothing like a good wrestle with your Dad! Don better take advantage of this because it's not going to last long!

Having fun watching our Tyler Hansen play hockey, we were able to make it to one of his games.   It was on Valentine's Day and unfortunately Don and I were caught on the videocam kissing, so we heard a lot about that.
Grandma having fun with Everett...discovering that he likes coloured marshmallows!

Big snowfall at our house=Calvin snowman!

Best chocolates in the world from my sweetie on Valentine's Day!
My Melodie who is engaged to her sweetheart, Kevin Smith.

They are getting married on April 21st and it's coming up fast!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures...
Trying to take pictures of my Rebecca skating in Kelowna at a Youth Activity, but I still need to work on the lighting of my inside shots. A big thank you to Jonathan Edis who gave me some camera tips that day...
We are always so grateful to have the missionaries in our home and try to get a picture of them before they go. Here is Elder Latimer off to Vanderhoof and Elder Mathews who is staying. They are some pretty wonderful young men!!

So that's my month in pictures narrowed down....hope you have fun looking! Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom!

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