Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Decided to use one of my favourite engagement pictures for a template challenge that I saw on Designer Digitals. Then as I was designing it, the gift journaling came to me and I was so happy with the idea. I'm hoping Kevin and Melodie like it! I changed the blending modes on the rose, made all the blocks a different opacity and had fun with the title making it reflective. Honestly, I get a lot of my ideas from other pages that I see!! So grateful for all the other scrapbookers out there, it's an industry where it's an honour to be copied (or in digi vernacular, to have your page "lifted"!!) 

Taking more pictures lately has made me aware of how fun props can be. This picture was taken when Kevin and Melodie were warming up in the truck and to pass the time I decided to take some pictures of the ring. When I put the ring in the rose and then on the chair, I was so happy with it. It also worked out amazing because these were all gifts that Kevin gave to Mel, so that just made my page. I better get back to scrapping the rest of my family or they are going to feel left out! 

Journaling reads: 

The Chair: A promise to build and to work and to provide for his bride!
The Rose: A promise to remember and to give and to cherish his bride!
The Ring: A promise to admire and to adore and to love his bride until the end of time!

So feel free to lift this page for any scrapbookers out there, I would love to see your take on it!!

Happy Leap Day....

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Don said...

What a beautiful picture. I love it. And I hope that Kevin always remembers those three things.


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