Saturday, February 04, 2012


Rebecca Cooper in her blog, Simple As That gives away a collage template to do a "month in photos" and I'm going to try it this year! Doing a page a month is doable for me, any more than that right now would be overwhelming I think. I will still scrap other pages but this will be for keeping track of our family pictures for the year. Doing the round up every month will help as well because then I'm already picking out the pictures I want to use.
I also just included text right on the picture, will see how that looks. Might do more writing but for now this will do. Trying to keep things easy with the wedding around the corner!
So here are my January pages for 2012...

1 comment:

rebecca said...

this is so great Kasandra! thanks for sharing your month in photos with us. :)


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