Friday, March 16, 2012


 I was happy to be at the airport when Elder David Armstrong came home from the Ukraine after serving a 2 year mission. His family were waiting anxiously to see the plane touch down and then it was hugs and tears of joy. Having been through this with Melodie a few months ago...I know there is such a feeling of relief, love, joy and amazement as you see this beloved son or daughter come home.

They will have experienced things you can never imagine and it's probably best that you don't know some of it. They will have been through rejection, heartache and lonesomeness but they will have survived to become a stronger person. They will have grown in character, in perseverance, in knowledge and in love. They will have learned to love the people in the country they have served in and will miss them dearly. They will have become disciples of Christ, because they will have taught about Him, prayed to Him and turned their lives over to Him many, many times. They are...missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Elder Armstrong home from the Ukraine!
A very happy Mom and family!

 A little sister who is not so little anymore.

So happy to have their David home safe and sound although a little thinner.

Can still pick up his best friends off the floor!
Wonder what these three will be up to now? Sorry no rooming together says Vanessa!

The welcoming home committee at the airport!

Elder David Armstrong ... welcome home!

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