Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seattle Temple Trip 2010

So grateful we could join the youth on their temple trip last weekend. It was our last Stake Temple trip because our new one in Langley is being dedicated this May. There wasn't room on the bus so Don and I drove down in our van with the Fraziers. I'm glad I could be there with Rebecca, I coudn't be there for her first trip so this was a wonderful memory for me. I think she had a great time.....
My fourth baby girl who is no longer a baby!

Couldn't resist taking this picture of the twins, Katelyn and Alyssa Chenuz, they are such sweethearts. I was bummed because I didn't have my SLR with me and my little Canon has been giving me trouble lately. Sometimes it turns on, sometimes it doesn't.  Well it wasn't working until everyone had already posed, then of course it worked I just had to get a few pictures in before we went inside. I wasn't very good about getting pictures this trip, sometimes I really work at and sometimes I don't.
Also, crazy I know but I was happy to stop at Costco and buy cheese! It's so much cheaper in the States.....I think I bought like 30 lbs!!

A big thank you to Jack Sabey and all the leaders that went along and did so much work!!

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