Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clay and Shirley

Looking through old pictures, I found this sweet one of Clay and Shirley I took before they were married. Clay and Don were good friends and he came and stayed with us for awhile so he could date this cute girl in town! What I remember most was that he had decided to not kiss her until it was over the alter in the temple...and we used to laugh because he would come back to our house and anguish over how hard it was not to kiss her, but he kept his promise and I think their first kiss was over the alter! Now isn't that amazing......
They live in Magrath now where Clay is serving as a Bishop, they have 4 children and their oldest Natalie just got married......hard to believe that this wasn't just yesterday.
I had fun quickly photoshopping this picture, I want to try scrapbooking more and just using pictures sometimes.

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