Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Movie Making

What a day! I have been worried and dreading this job I was asked to do by the Relief Society. My Vanessa (who is on the Enrichment Committee) came home and asked me if I would put together a slide show for the March Relief Society Dinner. My first reaction was dismay........and I wanted to say NO. With a missionary leaving, a grandbaby coming and being in Young Women with the Youth Temple Celebration coming up (they asked me to be on the committee for costumes) I just did not want one more thing on my plate but when I prayed about it and thought about it, I really felt like I needed to try. I love scrapbooking but have never made a movie with my pictures, just pages. I knew that this would force me to learn new things!

A couple of things took me by surprise, first of all I found out that this slide show is for both wards because it is a combined dinner and second, men kept coming up to me in church and taking me aside to quietly give me pictures of their wives, a little disconcerting but fun. They make me laugh......some of the pictures are wonderful, some are awful. How do I tell these sweet fellows that women want flattering pictures, not pictures with their mouths open, messy kitchens in the background, pictures with red eyes.......I have been collecting pictures for the last few weeks and also found out that they were given a deadline for the middle of February. Thank goodness for the RS Pres. because that means I have a month to put it together.

So it has been on my to do list for days and I have been working on the pictures but have been so intimidated by the movie part until today! Mitchell was home from school sick today so I had to stay home from work......so I decided to tackle it for 15 minutes and I ended working on it for almost 3 hours and I absolutely LOVE it! It's almost done and I feel so good about it. I used Windows Movie Maker, plugged in all the pictures, made transitions.....even found music in Vanessa's list and voila, a RS movie!!! When I was done I went through both wards and tried to write everyone I thought was missing and emailed the ladies about it. What made such a difference is that I have taken so many pictures over the years of the sisters at Relief Society that I was able to use a lot of my own.

So I felt empowered today, so grateful that I can keep learning new things and for a Father in Heaven who knows what I can do even when I don't know myself! I am looking forward to giving this as a gift to the sisters here in Kamloops.....


Dave and Meg said...

Kasandra! Love this blog! I fixed my link on my page to go to this one. Thanks for letting me know! It's awesome how many things you've tried doing! I hope I can continue to do that throughout my life!

vanessavera- said...

Mom I'm so proud of you :)
You did an amazing job! Speaking for the enrichment committee, we are so happy that you did this for us. THANK YOU!


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