Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Young Women in Excellence

Melodie is our Young Women Secretary right now and she and the presidency put together our Young Women in Excellence program last night. They did a wonderful job! They asked each parent to compare our daughter to a flower and list some of her attributes, have to admit it wasn't easy and had to really think about it. We came up with "SUNFLOWER" for Vanessa because she is so bright, cheerful and fun. ( I say WE very loosely because Don took one look at the sheet I was supposed to fill out and said: "You women are way would we ever put ourselves through that!! which I wanted to reply, that's why you marry us, because we actually brighten your dull, dreary life, but I restrained myself!!) I was amazed at how many flowers were out there, there were only a couple duplicated and when you think we have about over 20 girls........
Kind of funny because I took one look at this display and thought to myself, this would have looked much nicer with flowers!!......then they proceeded to put flowers in the flowerpots while they were giving the talks on the 7 values!! The presidency went to a lot of work, they had to try and find all these flowers. When asked if they wanted to put on a program for the boys, Don said yeah.......only we're comparing them to ROCKS!!! lol..........

Here's our cute little Vanessa holding her sunflower! She had to run over from school because she just finished basketball practice, she is trying to make the senior team now that she is in Grade 11.

My two beautiful flowers!!

Rebecca will be here next year.........sure miss Danielle!!

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