Saturday, November 17, 2007

Creamy or Crunchy?

Decided to add a light hearted post... thinking of what we do every day and this caught my eye!! We love peanut butter in our house...... funny but lately I have had a craving for peanut butter and molasses! We used to mix these together when I was a kid and spread it on toast (not sure why, were we out of jam Mom?) and I haven't had it in years when all of a sudden I tried it again and now am having it every day. It has a wierd taste I guess, none of my kids really like it, they just laugh at me (never mind that they eat jam and cheese whiz, shudder, shudder) but it brings back memories.... maybe I am missing something nutrionally that I don't know about!
My family has been not been happy with me....... they all love crunchy peanut butter and we have 3 big 2kg. jars of creamy on our shelf (Costco had them on sale, what can I say..... like I'll miss that kind of deal just because it was creamy!!!) so I listen to a lot of grumbling every time they break out the peanut butter!

1 comment:

Amy Sorensen said...

OK...I so needed the giggle your banner gave me today! Have you ever tried PB and Nutella on toast? SOOO delicious! The molasses sounds intriguing.


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