Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mitchell's Sick Day last week!

Well here is Mitchell home from school last week! He woke up with a stomach ache and said he didn't feell well and wanted to stay home. So I had to include the pictures of what he did that day, sick at home! I let him watch some TV in the morning but then they have to nap after lunch, I really don't want home more fun than school. Anyway I think he got a little bored because he roped me into a game of Jumping Monkeys.......he won of course, seems to me the rules kept changing!

Here he is hiding in his box house. He ended up playing with our cat, Ginny and then decided this would make a great cat house. So he trucked it upstairs and put her basket in the house. Now I have this big box in my kitchen, arghhhh that is going to be hard to get rid of!!!! Let's not count the huge box in his room as well.......
So why do we buy them expensive toys?
Last of all he ended up in the tub.......and was in there for a good long while. When he came out he was prune man so we took pictures of his wrinkled hands! Not sure he actually used any soap, sigh, oh well at least he's cleaner even if he doesn't smell squeaky clean!
I sent him to school the next day, that's it, no temperature then you're off!!!

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